Rozpočet How does the city budget work?

And why does the city need taxes? We will explain everything to you in a clear infographic.

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Rozpočet What's going on in your neighborhood?

See the interactive map of city with marked projects.

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Why is a feasibility study important?

Before we begin the preparation of a specific project, it is necessary to assess whether the given intention is at all possible and beneficial. The feasibility study will answer these questions, and if the project or its variant is supported, we will start further processes. We use such a procedure, for example, with the idea

New construction of a dining hall and classrooms

We are proud that this project advanced to the final selection of the nationwide BUILDING OF THE YEAR 2020-2021 competition. However, you can also support the Trnava project. Just vote in the PUBLIC PRIZE poll on the competition page, you can find the link by clicking on the button below. We thank you! 🙂

What is a civil assembly?

A civil assembly is a democratic tool for solving issues or problems that divide society or problems that are difficult for politicians to solve. It is based on the principle of deliberative democracy – citizens’ negotiations on a certain issue. Citizens are selected to participate in such a way that they form a sort of